Toast Office began as a corporate catering company, specialising in delivering fresh gourmet meals around Durban. 2019 kicked off with a brand new venture as Toast Office opened it’s doors in the heart of Umhlanga, Kwa-Zulu Natal, stepping confidently into the cafe space. Now not only are we putting a first class stamp on the culinary market by offering a fresh and innovative take on your standard lunch menu, we’ve also mastered the art of a great cappuccino too!


Toast Office is the creation of Safiya and Nairah, who share both the expertise and the vision to push the limits of lunchtime dining. After attending Africa’s leading hospitality and culinary school, The International Hotel School, Safiya worked in numerous prestigious venues such as the Beverly Hills Hotel, The Royal hotel, The Olive Convention Center and over to USA’s prestigious Ritz Carlton. Her experience doesn’t just cross oceans, but exceeds all culinary boundaries.


The brainchild behind the catchy name and concept of the business, Nairah, is no backseat driver. A food technologist by profession, certified in Food Quality and Safety, shee has travelled to countries such as India, Korea, Turkey and all across the The Middle East gathering tastes and ideas to add to hers and Safiya’s culinary creations.